Academic Achievers will now supply a credentialed, Master-level teacher and customized curriculum to educate your child in your home

Academic Achievers K-8 Academy In-Home

Academic Achievers offers an alternative: Academic Achievers Academy, a groundbreaking option for students in grades K-8. Enjoy extreme flexibility, custom-tailored academics, and all the features of a comprehensive program in your own home. We provide personalized homeschool curriculum and a credentialed homeschool teacher for your student in your home.

Academic Achievers HomeSchool is a prominent and innovative homeschooling program serving families in Los Angeles and Santa Monica.  We also provide homeschool services in surrounding communities including Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Hancock Park, West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Los Feliz, Encino, Calabasas, Malibu, and many other areas.

Academic Achievers HomeSchool program offers personalized project-based curriculum, one-on-one instruction for students, with a focus on developing critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills. It is a fully personalized and flexible curriculum curated just for your child and taught by top-notch professional teachers in a warm and nurturing environment. This HomeSchool program also provides support for college admissions and testing. We supply special needs teachers for children in special education. We have teachers with degrees in psychology for students who are anxious, bullied, have adhd or behavior issues. Academic Achievers will provide a homeschool planner in-home or online.

With credentialed, experienced teachers and a flexible homeschool curriculum, Academic Achievers HomeSchool is an excellent choice for families seeking a customized educational experience.

Whether short or long-term, we will create a personalized curriculum for your child in-line with the CA state standards. Our credentialed master teachers will work one-on-one in your home or location of your choosing. We also offer educational therapists and special needs teachers who can coordinate with the student's IEP and therapeutic team. Academic Achievers also specializes in teaching the highly gifted to enrich and accelerate the curriculum to match your child's educational pace. Whether educating your child locally in-home or long-distance by remote, Academic Achievers assures your child's homeschool experience will be top-notch.

We schedule around your family.

Strange as it may sound, a school can sometimes present obstacles to learning and growth. Many amazing kids, some actors, other athletes, or budding entrepreneurs, find their explosive talents and energies frustrated by rigid school schedules. And for many students, for various reasons, large group classrooms are just not working for them and at-home homeschool school or online programs are simply not an effective or appealing option. Academic Achievers provides a full-fledged, K-8 program for such students, with the best features of one-on-one learning.

“My child was not thriving in her traditional school. We’re so glad we found Academic Achievers Academy.”

Classes that wrap around your child.

Classes that wrap around your child.

Traditional school settings work for some students—that’s great! But there’s nothing magical about the typical class setting, and—with Academic Achievers Academy—no reason why classes can’t conform themselves to the ways your child learns best.

  • All our academic courses are taught one-on-one.
  • Individual assessments allow us to start each course where it needs to start, where your child is ready to learn.
  • Our curriculum specialist and team of master teachers tailor methods student by student, class by class; methods evolve as your student grows.
  • We cover all the California State Standards and the Common Core, but in the ways and at the pace that fits your child.
  • Perhaps best of all, Academic Achievers Academy gives your student a major voice—and choice—in their own learning.

Choose your own school adventure.

Choose your own school adventure.

Maybe a traditional program is working for your child—except for where it isn’t. Maybe you’re seeking an alternative for core classes while keeping your options open for other activities. Or maybe your child needs a single setting for all their schooling, one that engages them for who they truly are. Academic Achievers Academy offers a menu of enrollment options to fit each unique need:

  • A la Carte Classes: Just the classes you need, just how your child needs them.
  • Academics-Only Program: Math, Science, English, and Social Studies, all taught one-on-one.
  • Full-Day Program: A comprehensive school experience, powered by one-on-one teaching, small group electives, outdoor activities, and more.

Homeschooling has changed. What used to be homeschool has now developed into a full personalized and flexible curriculum. Our private master teachers will provide lessons in your home or in your offices.


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Your child is one of a kind.

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