The SAT and the ACT are the most important standardized tests a high school student will take. At Academic Achievers, we understand how crucial it is for students to approach these exams with confidence and an arsenal of strategies that really work.


ACT Test Dates

Test Date Registration Suggested Prep Start
Feb. 11, 2023 Jan. 6 October           
April 15, 2023 March 10 December         
June 10, 2023 May 5 February          
July 15, 2023 June 16 March            

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Our 2022 Statistics



of our students increased their score by 2+ points


increased their score by 3+ points


increased their score by 4+ points


increased their score by 5+ points


increased their score by 6+ points

Since each student is evaluated individually, we must first find their baseline score and their goal score before we can estimate the length of the training. Of course, the more you prepare, the better you will do. Our students who made the highest increase in scores started 4-6 months before they took the exam. However, there is no financial long-term commitment with us, you may discontinue at any time.

The scores and improvements of our ACT students are watched over carefully by the tutor, the director, and the owner. We cherish the size of our small company; it allows us to get to know all of our clients personally.

In addition to our one-on-one professional tutoring in your home, your student receives diagnostic practice tests every other week in our modern Santa Monica facility. These practice tests are analyzed and used by us to further adjust your student's test prep curriculum.

We believe that each student deserves professional, one-on-one ACT training materials that are customized expressly for them. Based on a diagnostic analysis of the student's baseline ACT score, we create a unique portfolio designed with their remediation needs in mind and with an eye to increasing points in the areas where the student is already strong. 

We do not hire recent graduates with little ACT prep experience. Our tutors have been improving the scores of students for a minimum of 5 years. Our Master tutors have been preparing students for over 15 years.

We understand that the SAT or the ACT is only one part of a student's application package, and we make sure that each part of your student's package is competitive.

We also have College Counselors and Application Specialists on staff available to help prepare your student to present themselves in their best light.  We provide help with community service and we offer mock interviews to put your student at ease during those crucial college interviews.

Our 2014 students were accepted to Yale, Columbia, Brown, Harvard, Stanford, Duke, Northwestern, Boston College, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Carnegie Mellon, University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan, University of California at Santa Barbara, University of California at San Diego, University of Southern California, Carlton College, Willamette College, Lewis & Clark, among many others.

No Two Students Are Alike

Unlike other test prep companies, we provide truly customized preparation.  We do not offer group classes because each student has a distinct learning style, and his/her own unique strengths and weaknesses. We provide only customized one-on-one tutoring at the location of your choice, either your home or our Santa Monica facility. Our students first take a diagnostic assessment, then, based on those results, we prepare individual materials tailored to each student's needs.  Monthly reevaluations allow us to continually track and adjust a student's course.

Exceptional Teachers Means Exceptional Results

Our methods are not available through a book, and our tutors are not fresh out of college. We are professional teachers, all with at least five years of experience preparing students for standardized tests. We stand by our Test Prep Courses because they are the proud result of thousands of hours of working with students, and because our students succeed.

Learning to Love Learning is the Most “Test” of All

Our students thrive on standardized tests because they thrive in all of their academic endeavors; our practice fosters intellectual curiosity and a love of learning above all else. We engage our students in their own academic journey, and let the scores speak for themselves


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