Elementary Teachers


Keep your child on track—learning to love learning—with our Early Elementary Subject Tutoring. Our Master teachers will help keep them from getting frustrated and falling behind or being unchallenged and getting bored during these crucial early years. They’ll also develop key study and organizational skills to sustain their progress.


Meet Our Staff


Mount Saint Mary's University, MA
Mount Saint Mary's University, BA
California Teaching Credential

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Mary has been a teacher for almost 20 years. She has taught at several private westside schools and has been a lead teacher for 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade. Mary has also tutored children from kindergarten through elementary school. She has worked with children with a wide range of learning differences and differentiates her instruction to accommodate each. Mary is a dedicated, compassionate, organized, creative and professional educator and has a passion to bring out the best in her students. Mary is the Director of Academic Achievers' Early Elementary Program.


California State University Northridge, Educational Therapy Certificate
Columbia University, MA Special Education Pre-12th grade
University of Kentucky, BA Learning and Behavior disorders

Jenny is a popular Educational Therapist here in Los Angeles and has been in practice for twelve years. In her work, she is able to discover the best way a child learns and present alternative, creative, novel, and attention-grabbing curriculum that remediates and enriches. Jenny has extensive experience with issues such as ADHD; autism and spectrum disorders; school and test anxiety; sensory processing; dyslexia; dyscalculia/math; behavior; reading/reading comprehension; writing; executive functioning; giftedness and twice-exceptional; processing and memory. Jenny is well-liked by her students and believes that all children can grow, learn, and amaze!


Illinois State University, BA in Special Education
Learning and Behavior Specialist Certification
California Teaching Credential

Sarah is a Chicago native who began her career as a Special Education Teacher in 2012. Sarah immediately began working as a K-2 Special Education Teacher in a Severe/Moderate Autism Program. After two years, Sarah moved across the country to assist in developing a special education program in East Los Angeles. She received her teaching credential in California and began working with a diverse group of students. Sarah’s love for elementary education allowed her to work with the special education and general education population. After 7 years in the classroom, Sarah began working in homes as an educational therapist and educational consultant for families who needed additional support. She works individually with students on personalized lesson plans. From the highly gifted to those with special needs, Sarah differentiates her teaching to bring out the best in each child.

Kristie K.

Mt. St. Mary's University, MA, Child Psychology (in progress)
George Mason University, MA Ed
Virginia Tech, BA
CA Multi-Subject Credential
Virginia PK-6 Teaching License

An educator for 10 years, Kristie recently has been a principal at a middle school in Los Angeles, and previously taught first, second, fifth and sixth grade. She has been a Director of Curriculum, Curriculum Specialist, and Dean of Humanities in schools in Virginia, New York, and Los Angeles. Kristie has a passion for education, especially literacy and reading. She has developed curriculum for a wide variety of learners and learning needs. Kristie believes in aiming instruction and curriculum to the child's needs and interests and developing a growth mindset with young learners.


Southern New Hampshire University, MS
Nova Southeastern University, BA

Ghislaine has worked as a tutor and teacher for over 5 years in Coral Gables and Miami, FL. She has assisted children from public elementary schools and private academies in early literacy, reading, mathematics, science and social studies. Since her mother was a pre-school teacher, Ghislaine grew up enjoying children, enriching their learning skills, and improving their critical thinking abilities and knowledge of math and science concepts. As a native French speaker, she also teaches French to the early learner.

Kristie H

California State University Northridge, MA
Mount Saint Mary's University, BA

Kristie is a passionate and creative elementary school teacher. She has taught 3rd grade in a private school, kindergarten in Spain, and ELA and science in middle school. She has also taught English to 5th and 6th graders. Kristie has a bachelor's in child psychology and is bi-lingual in both Spanish and English and can teach reading, writing, listening and speaking in both languages. She also loves teaching science. Kristie prioritizes student engagement, interests, and strengths in her teaching practices. Her goal is to help build a student's confidence and challenge them to obtain a growth mindset as lifelong learners.


University of California, Santa Cruz, M. Ed
University of California, Santa Barbara, BA, cum laude
UCLA TEFL Certificate/California Teaching Credential
Gesell Assessment Certification

Marissa has been a Kindergarten and Early Elementary educator for 15 years.  She has presented at Growing Educators for their Literacy Program and has designed units of study in American History for the California Charter School Association. Marissa has also led programs in STEAM for math and science. Because Marissa has studied and taught in Spain and South America, she brings a multicultural perspective to all her teaching. Marissa is a certified Gesell Childhood Development Assessor.


UC Santa Barbara, M.Ed. and BA
Certified Reading Specialist
California Teaching Credential

Annie is a California native and just completed her 10th year of teaching. After a decade, she is still loving every minute of it. Her experience ranges from teaching 2nd and 3rd grade in private and charter schools, to her most recent role as a Kindergarten through 2nd grade reading specialist in a public school where she worked with students with a range of learning needs. Annie is passionate about engaging her students and loves the opportunity to work with them one-on-one and see their rapid growth. She has tutored students ranging from 3-10 years old, tailoring lessons to fit their needs and interests. During this time, Annie continues to teach exciting and interactive online lessons to ensure students’ progress in their education while we are not able to meet in person.


Georgia State University, M Ed
Central Michigan University, BS Ed

Daniel has been a teacher and tutor for over 22 years. He holds a Bachelors in Elementary Education and a Masters in Education with an emphasis in Reading, Language, and Literacy from Georgia State University. Daniel has taught 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Atlanta. He has worked with students with a wide range of learning differences and uses engaging and effective techniques for teaching math, reading and writing. Daniel is a dedicated professional educator with a solid commitment to the academic growth and development of every student. Daniel is an Academic Achievers Academy teacher.


The University of California at Santa Barbara, BS

Tess has worked with students of all ages in school and home settings for over 5 years. She has provided one-on-one interventions and is accustomed to working as part of a collaborative team in support of her students. Tess has experience working with children with a range of mild to moderate learning differences, including ADHD, ASD, dyslexia, processing disorders, and other school-based challenges such as anxiety and low motivation. In addition to tutoring elementary and middle school students in reading, writing, and math, Tess is trained in executive function coaching and loves to help students develop systems for organization and time management.


Wheelock College, Boston, MA Ed
Northeastern University, BA
Elementary Teaching Credential
Orton-Gillingham Certification

Tara was the Academic Coordinator for an Education and Enrichment Services program in Massachusetts. She was also the Director for Holbrook High School Extended Learning Program. Tara is a Reading Specialist trained in the highly effective Orton-Gillingham Method. She also works with deaf children and children who have visual, auditory, and sensory processing disorders. She uses an integrated approach to help students with their reading and all academics.


Loyola Marymount University, MA
University of Maryland, BS
CA Teaching Credential

Audrey is the Lead Teacher and Educational Math Specialist for a Los Angeles Charter School. She was selected from approx. 45,000 applicants to become a Corps Member teaching under-represented youth and 100% of her students improved at least one grade level. Audrey is a member of Teach for America and actively engages in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) as well as CLR (Culturally Responsive Linguistics) training. She works with Green Dot Public Schools on their Disciplinary Review Board. Audrey was awarded "Rookie Teacher of the Year".


University of Florida, BA
Universidad de los Andes in Chile, MA Ed

Gal has a broad range of experiences as an educator and therapist. She has worked as an educational therapist and early elementary homeschool teacher for over 10 years. Gal has worked with children who are highly gifted as well as children with developmental delays. She has been an academic coach, elementary and high school teacher and as an educational psychologist in a preschool. As an educational specialist, Gal believes in using a multi-sensory approach to teaching, being trained to support in all areas including reading, writing, math, history, English and Spanish.


University of Southern California, MA
Oberlin Conservatory, Artist Diploma
University of California Los Angeles, BA

Theodosia has been helping students achieve academic excellence for over ten years. She tutors math, sciences, history, English, Spanish, and test prep, and brings her creativity and sense of fun to each lesson. She tailors her approach according to individual students' personalities, learning styles, and educational goals. Theodosia is also a frequent guest lecturer at her alma maters University of Southern California, Oberlin Conservatory, and University of California Los Angeles. Her kindness, humor, and patience make her a wonderful teacher for students of all ages.


University of California, San Diego
BA Psychology

Anna a behavior therapist and has taught children ages 2-7 one-to-one in a classroom. She specializes in play-based learning and says her main goal is to help children become confident in themselves. She wants her students to feel supported in their learning processes and encourages them by communicating openly and building personal relationships. Anna applies psychological, behavioral and academic techniques in her teaching to foster the child’s educational, social, and creative development.


National University, MA Ed.
California State University, BA
CA Special Needs Credential

Jaclyn has worked as a Special Education teacher for the La Mirada Unified School District for almost 5 years. She has assessed and evaluated children for social, emotional, and academic needs. Jaclyn has taught children with mild to moderate special needs and has worked with children on the autistic spectrum. She differentiates her teaching to each child's needs and creates daily lesson plans in line with the child's IEP and the California State Standards. Jaclyn facilitates small group as well as one-on-one learning.


University of California at Los Angeles, BS

Aya has taught and worked with students in grades K-4 for the past 5 years. She has taught one-on-one and small-group instruction at Academic Achievers Academy, as well as leading classrooms and developing curriculum for college level coursework. She tailors her curriculum to the student's individual needs and welcomes feedback. Aya co-taught music and robotics to magnet school students as well as conducted her own private lessons in strings, programming and Japanese language. At Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes she trained and gained experience working in literacy with students with special needs. She has conducted research in the field of developmental neuroscience and focuses on education and learning.