2024 KinderPrep Camp®

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Aug. 5-9, 2024

KinderPrep Camp is limited to 12 children per week - 1 teacher to each 4 students

Outdoor/Indoor KinderPrep Camp is held at the Colorado Center in Santa Monica.
Be ready to start school with confidence in the fall!

Hurry! Registration is limited. We sell out early every year.

Our award-winning Summer Academics KinderPrep® Camp is a whole-child approach to learning that combines the fun of camp with the academics of school to help children transition with confidence into kindergarten. We also offer an Early Elementary Camp for students transitioning to first grade.

This year, we continue to provide an exceptionally personalized small-group experience, our unique play-based, academically-oriented camp is available at the Colorado Center (2500 Broadway, Santa Monica) or we can bring personal  KinderPrep Camp to you and your children's friends in your backyard. Academic Achievers has been presenting our award-winning Summer KinderPrep Camp since 2010.

Prior to start of camp, each child will receive a developmental assessment in their home by their pod teacher. We then develop a personalized academic lesson plan for each child individually. Each child will also learn to work cooperatively in small groups of four. KinderPrep is the perfect blend of fun, academics, and social/emotional skills.

KinderPrep® and Early Elementary Camps are academically and developmentally appropriate, preparing your child for the academic rigor of school along with age-appropriate social and emotional skills. It is small-group with a ratio of 4 children to 1 credentialed teacher. Our customized camps are interest and ability-based. Your child will focus on early reading, listening skills, literacy, math, science experiments, art, story-telling, as well as dancing, singing, and having fun as a camp experience!

Our camps are supported by Master's level elementary teachers who evaluate and then create a personalized experience for each child. Your KinderPrep or Early Elementary camp can be as few as 4 children or as many as 8. We supply 1 credentialed teacher for every 4 children. Before camp starts, your child will meet their teacher and have an individual assessment to help us prepare a unique and customized program for each child.

In line with the California State Standards and the Common CORE Curriculum, KinderPrep/Early Elementary Camp promotes early literacy, beginning math, higher-order thinking, cooperative learning, as well as social and emotional growth. KinderPrep and Early Elementary Camp will allow students to hone their social as well as academic skills and learn how to make friends when entering kindergarten-ready Santa Monica, follow classroom instructions, and work cooperatively.

Each camp is one week long from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm, Monday through Friday, and is held at the Santa Monica Colorado Center. You may register for multiple weeks. The camp will be indoor and outdoor and includes personalized and group curriculum, camp t-shirt, all supplies, including organic healthy snacks. An individual developmental assessment is included and will be scheduled before the start of camp to allow for full customization of each child's experience. Each camper will also receive a digital portfolio of their work and accomplishments.

 Kindergarten Readiness and Elementary Academic Camp is small-group with a ratio of 4 students to each credentialed elementary teacher.

Sample Day:

Puzzle Warm-up
Circle Time
Telling a Story
Science experiment
Round-up and Review




For more information, fill out our KinderPrep Camp application or call us directly at (310) 883-5810.



2024 Summer Sessions are Monday-Friday 9:00AM-12:00PM


KinderPrep®/Early Elementary Academic Camp

  • Assessment and Interview
  • Play-Based, Academically Oriented
  • Developmentally Appropriate
  • Indoor/Outdoor Play and Work Space
  • Preparation for the Kindergarten and Early Elementary Curriculum
  • Social and Emotional Awareness
  • Customized Learning Plan for each Child
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)
  • California Common CORE Curriculum
  • Master's level Early Education Development Specialists
  • 1 Teacher for 4 Students
  • Digital Portfolio of your Child's Activities
  • Social Cooperation, Self-Confidence, Fun and the Total Excitement to Learn More! 


Hurry! In order to give special attention to each child, our camp is limited to 12 students per session.
We sell out early each year.


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