Test Prep Tutors


Standardized tests like the ACT, SAT, and the ISEE test can present a major obstacle—or a major opportunity—on your child’s academic journey. To begin our test prep program, Academic Achievers will administer a diagnostic assessment to identify areas of proficiency and areas in need of improvement. We create a customized prep curriculum and pair your student with a one-on-one master tutor. Students may choose to be tutored at home or on-line. Our tutors demystify the tests, transforming them from impending disasters to surmountable tasks. One-on-one, our tutors will help your student bring their best self to the test.

We provide professional, expert tutors for the ISEE Middle Level Santa Monica, ISEE Upper Level Santa Monica, ISEE Test Prep Brentwood, ISEE Test Prep Los Angeles, ISEE Pacific Palisades, ISEE Beverly Hills, and everywhere in the Los Angeles area our ISEE Tutors will help prepare for your student's test date. Our tutors will keep your student on track with diagnostic assessments, weekly private tutoring sessions, and ISEE practice tests.

And receive their very best scores.


Meet Our Staff


University of California at Los Angeles, MFA
Yale University, BA

Puja has over a decade of tutoring and teaching experience. She has worked with students of all ages and abilities and has taught courses in English, Writing, Math, and Science at the university level. Not only is Puja one of the most accomplished test prep tutors, she is also an exceptional one-on-one tutor for any elementary or high school subject. What she loves most about tutoring is seeing students become more self-reliant, confident, and excited about learning. Puja has tutored test prep with Academic Achievers for nine years and consistently receives excellent reviews.


University of California at Los Angeles, current
University of Pennsylvania, post-baccalaureate
Drexel University, BA

Julia has studied at Drexel University and UPenn, and is currently continuing her medical research studies at UCLA. She has tutored students from elementary school through high school in reading comprehension, math, and writing. A native Russian speaker from Ukraine, she is also fluent in Spanish and has studied at the Universidad de Latina and Clinica Biblica. Julia is also a computer programmer. She tutors algebra 1 and 2, geometry, physics, chemistry, and biology, and English. Julia is also one of our top test prep tutors and prepares students for the ISEE, SAT, and ACT.


University of Southern California, M Ed.
Rutgers University School of Law, JD
Rutgers College, BA

After completing his JD, Matt realized his passion was not in the law but in education, and he returned to school to receive a Masters in Mathematics Education. He was awarded a Math for America Teaching Fellowship and taught high school and middle school mathematics in Los Angeles. Matt's patience, compassion, and ability to make complex subjects understandable makes him a popular tutor for math subjects, as well as for chemistry, physics, computer science, and writing. Additionally, Matt has many years of experience as a test preparation tutor and has helped students maximize their scores on tests such as the SAT, ACT, ISEE, HSPT, GRE, and the GMAT.


North Dakota State University, B.S.

Zachary has spent more than 5 years helping students reach their academic and college admissions exam goals. He has individually tutored hundreds of students and has also led numerous exam prep classroom courses from the ISEE, HSPT, ACT, or SAT. Pairing a wealth of tutoring experience with a passion for teaching and test prep, his goal during each lesson is for your student to feel both challenged and supported. Employing anecdotes, analogies, and alliterations, he focuses on building up fundamental skills while also getting students to speak the language of the test. Zachary has had students net a perfect score in every section of the ACT and SAT, has helped students raise their letter grades multiple grade values, and helped students gain acceptance to some of the world’s most selective universities.


Reed College, BA

Jeff focuses on helping students with their immediate task at hand (be it academic or test prep) while simultaneously building confidence and skills that will help students throughout their academic career. He has tutored in Los Angeles for eight years, working with students from middle schoolers to adults. In addition to test prep for the SAT, ACT, GRE, and ISEE, he has extensive experience tutoring students who need academic support and preparing students for their APs. He also has experience working with students to improve their writing, both for school essays and in test prep situations. He is able to break down essay structure and direct students towards the critical thinking and planning necessary for them to develop the confidence and knowledge that increase writing fluency.


University of California a Los Angeles, MA (in process)
University of California at Los Angeles, BS

Jason is a UCLA Graduate in Neuroscience, with over 15 years of experience as a tutor. He has taught high school and college level mathematics, as well as chemistry, physics, biology, and physiology. Jason has extensive experience with students of all types, including both children and adults on the spectrum, with ADHD, or with other specific needs. He is able to curate a very specific curriculum, designed to engage and challenge each student at their own level, that allows them to maximize focus and productivity in a sustainable way. He helps build student-specific study and test-prep strategies for each of his students, that help both inside the classroom and out. Jason has also prepared students for the SAT, ACT, GRE, CHSPE, and other standardized exams and his track record of student success is excellent.